Plinth Vacuum Sweepovac


Features: Kick switch for turning on and off
Bag full indicator light. Safety cut out – switch turns off automatically after 10 seconds
Power consumption: 650w Motor
Installation: For minimum plinth height 116 mm. Plinth cut out required: 330 x 110 mm (template provided)


Get rid of the dustpan from your kitchen or utility room – install this plinth vacuum under your kitchen units and then simply sweep, hit the switch and watch the dust and dirt disappear!

  • Easy to fit and maintenance free
  • Reduces household work – no bending and no dustpan
  • Immediate removal of dirt, pet hairs are kept under control
  • Powerful suction, can be used to suck debris of the brush head
  • Dust bags are easy to remove and easily hold twelve weeks of sweepings
Supplied with

1x Sweepovac unit, black plastic
1x Mains lead, 1.5 m long, with 13A plug
1x Front trim plate, stainless steel or plastic
5x Dust bags
1x Filter
1x Template for plinth cut out
4x Ø4 x 20 mm fixing screws
1x Hex key
1x Fitting instructions

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